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2-way/3-Way SMS Messaging Made Easy

Our intuitive system allows businesses and individuals to employ a simple one stop solution to send and receive SMS. WebSMS2u may be used for member notifications, marketing broadcasts, SMS Campaigns, automated notifications, online ordering & etc. The limit is only up to your imagination!

Powerful Inbound Message Management & Campaign Tool

Powerful tools allow you better manage and control the way in which received messages are processed, forwarded and charged. Received SMS may be forwarded to phone, email or offsite APIs. WebSMS2u allows you to easily receive SMS for marketing campaigns like the big boys.

Secure Connectivity & Database

SMS database uploaded or provided by clients under our care are used for each respective owner's needs only. Our strict Privacy Policy denies the usage of your databases by other customers which means you do not have to worry about competitors being able to tap onto your list of customers and pull away your sales.

E-Management & Online Reporting has powerful reporting tools that can be viewed online or saved to your local computer for later viewing. Comprehensive broadcast log files with delivery status will allow you to check on your messages. All Inbound Messages or Contact List & Groups can be exported our to Excel Files.

Always Up-to-Date

Stay technologically ahead of your competition by having the best and up-to-date application at your disposal. Our applications & interface is always receiving automatic updates which does not require any action from your side. Simply login and utilize our service to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Priority Support

Our team of engineers & providers are ready to provide around the clock support to our users. Email, SMS, Whatsapp & Phone Support are just a few ways in which you are able to get in touch with our ever ready team.

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