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Introducing SMS Broadcasting & SMS Campaign
The initial use of Short Messaging Service (SMS) was for notifying a mobile user of voicemail. Soon after that, SMS evolved to become one of the most successful mediums for communication and a channel to provide value added services.

SMS broadcasting is the delivery of information to mobile phones via the Internet and SMS gateway. WebSMS2u Broadcasting is one of the most economical method of sending information to direct your clients, prospects, employees, or members' mobile phone in an instantaneous time frame.

SMS Campaign gives you the ability to run campaigns via the SMS medium. This includes the ability to create polls, feedback systems, automated inquiries, coupons, call center call backs & etc via 2-way messaging which is in-built to our Broadcasting Accounts. A targetted user can now use his/her mobile phone to communicate with you instead of having to be seated infront of a computer or a land line. unleashes the unlimited potential in leveraging on such a simple and advanced technology for governments, corporations, SOHO, SMI and for individual data users.

Websms2u Two-way Messaging Made Easy
Our inituitive system allows businesses and individuals to employ a simple one stop solution to send and receive SMS. With our packages, you no longer have to pay hefty monthly fees to do what big corporations do to receive SMS from mobile users. Received messages in the Inbox can be redirected to any handphone, email address or online application for automatic processing.

Websms2u Powerful Incoming Message Management
Powerful backend utility for receiving of multi-lingual messages coupled with smart SMS forwarding features to phone, email or offsite APIs will enable you to better manage incoming messages for your projects or services.

Websms2u User Friendly, Fast & Prompt Service
We believe strongly in good customer service and as such guarantee prompt and immediate attention to your setup or support requirements. New accounts can be set up within a 24 hour working day period.

What makes WebSMS2u different from other providers is that it provides cutting edge technology by continuous development. Once a service feature or product is released, the company does not suspend development. New and improved features are released very frequently. Our short development cycle provides competitive advantage and makes it possible to provide fast and efficient support. During the support sessions with customers, our engineers often learn that certain things can be done better. In such instances, the feature is immediately introduced to our system to make it better.

Websms2u Database Protection Privacy Policy
All SMS databases uploaded or provided by clients under our care are used for each respective owner's needs only. Our strict company policy denies the usage of your databases by other customers which means you do not have to worry about competitors being able to tap onto your list of customers and pull away your sales.

Websms2u E-Management & Reporting has management capabilities that make you more efficient. Online log files are kept for your perusal at an immediate or later date that will allow you to check on what messages you have sent thus improving your marketing or message dissemination capabilities.

WebSMS2u - Optimised for Mobile Devices. Connect from anywhere using Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry, Sony, HTC Devices! 100% MNP Ready

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