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WebSMS2u provides total mobile network coverage in Malaysia, as it does on the international level (364 mobile operators over 115 countries).
WebSMS2u offers you one of the lowest SMS prices in Asia, America & Canada. Online cost control. NO agreement needed. NO setup fees. NO other hidden cost.
You have the possibility of creating, editing and deleting your contacts or your groups. All you need for simple and effective SMS messaging.
WebSMS2u provides unlimited grouping functionality which allows you to send one SMS to many (mobile phones) with just one click.
You are able to send Messages in multiple languages as we support UNICODE characters.
WebSMS2u gives you full control over your sent (outbound) & received (inbound) messages.
It's very easy to integrate WebSMS2u within your application software or your database. Our developers are top experts, and our support personnel is always ready to help you.
Our clients are offered full support, advice and help in order to satisfy all their needs.


Feature Packed Service

At, we understand the technology of sms communications. Our servers and in-house developed SMS Application Software are designed to let you get your Short Messages out faster, easier and more completely, every time.

Our Web & HTTP/SMTP API Application's features include:
  • Web Interface with personalised Login and Password
  • Powerful SMS Merge (mail merge on sms) enables you to send personalised SMS to your recipients. Supports up to 4 customisable fields merging in addition to Name, Email and Phone Number!
  • Send and receive SMS messages via a dedicated Message Center Number (MCN)
  • Enchanced multi-lingual message receiving capability (e.g. receive in English or Chinese/Unicode)
  • Unlimited auto-forwarding of Incoming Messages from Inbox to another Phone, Email or Online API
  • Customizable Auto-Reply Messages for Incoming Messages at no additional charge
  • Ability to configure account to enable FREE Inbound SMS Sending by senders. Account Holder can choose to bear incoming sms cost making it free for Senders to send Incoming Messages to your account.
  • Personalization of Sender Name (e.g From YOURBRANDNAME instead of showing a 5 digit shortcode). Applicable only for Non-Malaysian Telcos due to latest ruling set by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).
  • Personalized messaging interface (i.e. Company Name &/or Logos)
  • Computer / Web to Mobile capability
  • No hardware purchase necessary. All you need is your existing computer with Internet and Browsing capability
  • Global coverage - 364 mobile operators over 115 countries
  • Single & Mass broadcast function
  • Sub-Accounts Creation & Management
  • User controlled Credit Transfer capability
  • Contact list uploading & maintenance
  • Contact list grouping function
  • Real time logs of all sent SMS messages
  • The connection is secured by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Fully customizable and scalable to requirements
  • Flat-rate charge to more than 90% of the world's mobile subscribers.
  • SMS sending feature can be easily adaptable and integrated to your existing web applications via our API
  • 24/7 send whenever you wish with 99.9% uptime


System Requirements

What equipment do you need in order to use the service?

  • Personal Computer (PC) - Desktop or Notebook (IBM Compatible or Apple Mac)
  • Internet Connectivity (Dial-Up, Broadband, ADSL / DLS, Wireless)
  • Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc)
  • No software installation required
  • Optional Softwares: Microsoft Excel or Notepad to compile Contact List

Basically any PC with Internet Surfing Capabilities will be able to use our Service.


Service & Software Upgrade

  • Free software & interface upgrade for all clients subscribed to our services
  • Web Application & Interface is always up-to-date
  • Patches and Upgrades are periodically installed and implemented
  • Automatic upgrades are performed on our servers
  • No downloading or upgrading exercises necessary
  • Save on forgone IT Support Staffing costs

Demo Account

WebSMS2u Demo
  Demo WebSMS2u Web Account:
Visit a live demonstration site to get a feel for how our WebSMS2u Account works.

Username: demo
Password: demo

NOTE: The demo account will allow you to have a basic feel for the account. It will enable you to RECEIVE SMS, UPLOAD CONTACT LISTS & EDIT GROUPINGS. It will however also clear its data everytime someone logs on so if you lose any data, just try again.

Reliable Bulk SMS Gateway

WEB, HTTP & API connectivity options - Securred Account & User Data - Easy Integration - Affordable - Fast Delivery