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Email to SMS Plugin


This Plugin is more of a service which will allow you to compose and send an email to an email address with the mobile number as the prefix followed by any domain name.

Example: or

Who is this for?

This service is for people who fall within the following categories:
  1. People who do not wish to perform any intergration development and want ease of use to make SMS deliveries
  2. People who wants to have a ready made solution to send SMS from their existing Email Client like Outlook or Gmail
  3. People who are unable to configure their existing software, hardware or application to make use of our HTTP or EMAIL API connection
  4. People who are only able to configure email addresses into their existing applications or network monitoring applications

    1. Security Protection & Authentication ability:
      • Matching of Sender FROM Email Addresses
      • Sending to specific senders can be configured for tighter security
    2. Provision of Email Delivery & Connection Reports for each email/sms sent(Can be enabled or disabled)
    3. Easy & Fast Troubleshooting support due to built-in debug & tracking functions
    4. Specially configured Email2SMS Hosting Account to support "Catch All" Addresses
    5. Unlimited prefix which will allow the sending of messages to any mobile number around the world

    • A Account Package
    • SMS Credits to send Outgoing Messages
    • A valid domain name or sub-domain name to be pointed to our special Email2SMS Hosting service
    • Our special Email2SMS Hosting service must be subscribed.

    • Messages must be sent using Roman Alphabets (A to Z) and normal strings.
    • Unicode messages are not supported and will not show up correctly.

    How-to Order

    Easy Ordering & Set-Up
    1. Contact us to tell us you wish to enroll and apply for this service
    2. We will then get in touch with you to check your usage requirements
    3. Setting up & configuration of the service will be performed by us on our end
    4. Troubleshooting support will be provided throughout the entire time (from Subscription to Termination)

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