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What are the uses and how does it help business?

How does our WebSMS2u SMS service help business? To make explanation simple, there are basically 2 Main Components present in our packages. Each component allows you to do various things. They are the Outgoing and Incoming Components.

Outgoing Component

The outgoing component allows you to SEND messages to anyone who has a mobile phone. As long as they are on our coverage list, they are reachable by a simple click of a button. Sending to groups is just as simple as sending to individuals.

The Outgoing Component will allow you to:
  • Easily perform broadcasts to people in your contact lists
  • Check log files to see if messages are properly delivered
  • See if phone numbers are valid. If they are then they will have a successful delivery status in the log file. If they have a failed status then you will know that the number might be out of service or invalid.
  • Set reminders for birthday, anniversaries, appointments, meetings, renewals & etc in advance through our scheduler
  • Automatically send SMS to users who register via your Website/Application through our HTTP / SMTP API
  • Track log files to track the effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns
  • etc...

Incoming Component

The incoming component allows you to RECEIVE messages from anyone who has a mobile phone. All messages received are automatically placed into your account in-box for your later reference or checking just like how emails are received.

The Incoming Component will allow you to:
  • Store messages in your account's In-Box for later retrieval
  • Export received messages to excel file for record keeping
  • Provide an avenue for users to provide feedback or request for additional information
  • Provide added customer service by allowing customers to SMS inwards
  • Expand Sales Lead and Easily Build Customer Database by automatically capturing phone numbers which are bound to be valid
  • Provide impression of prompt service by setting customisable AutoReply Messages (Example of a sample reply "Our consultant will calll you soon. Please ensure you can be reached from 9am to 8pm via Handphone. Thank You, XYZ Company")
  • Automatically forward incoming messages to a handphone, email or online application
  • Use 'forward to Online Application' to automatically process incoming messages for checking against membership database & etc

Advance Tools & Features

There are various other in-built tools in your WebSMS2u account that makes using our service a breeze. Even your staff can be easily taught and instructed to operate the system. Apart from our fool proof navigation and user friendly interface, we have the following tools that would greatly help you carry on your daily tasks:

  • Comprehensive Contact List Manager
  • Able to perform SMS Merge (like Mail Merges) via 4 Custom Fields under each contact details
  • Powerful contact import function saves time. Easy 3 step installer can automatically import up to thousands of contacts within seconds
  • Ability to export contacts to excel file for offline management or usage to import to your other applications
  • Powerful search functions and log file exporting for easy Managerial, Performance & Audit Exercises
  • Credit Auto-Notification to Email and/or Handphone so that you can be reminded of low credit level and never run out of credits for better planning

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