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Have you ever wanted the ability to send Multimedia Picture SMS? offers you the ability to create and send "MEDIA" messages to your customers and then some more. All this can be achieved in 4 easy steps!

Create different types of MEDIA

Our system will allow you to create different media types to cater to different requirements.
Media Types can be:

  • Image Only
    • Static Image; Or
    • Animated gifs
  • Image & Text
  • HTML Text is supported which will allow you to do fancy stuff like Text formatting or URL Linking to redirect people to another web page.

This service will provide you with the following features:

Short URLs ( are used for the links to the Media in your SMS Message. This saves character space for other more important functions.

Long Text Messages up to 500 characters in your Media is supported. If you have a long message to send, save cost by using this method to send your message.

HTML Messages will allow you to style your messages to your liking. Put BOLD, italic or even URL Link to your own web pages.

Statistics are captured to allow you to see when and how many times your Media has been viewed. Ability to export them out for later study by your Marketing Team is provided.

No Approval Required - No special approvals are required for your Media Messages. However Terms of Usage must be followed strictly.

  • Charges are 1 credit per recipient in additional to the normal route charges.
  • Due to overwhelming response, the servise fee is now waived. Only normal SMS route charges apply!
  • No viewing limit! No additional charges per additional views!

The possibilities are endless and up to your creative business immagination.

If you would like to know how we might be able to assist you in this area, feel free to contact us

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