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Receive Inbound SMS for (33310)

> Introduction | Shortcode: 32355 | 33310

With our service, you can receive Inbound SMS sent from Malaysian registered numbers sent straight to your Account's Inbox.

How does it work?

The following is the simplified explanation as to how the system works:

  1. To send a mesage to our users, a mobile user will need to compose a message with the following syntax "SMS <USERID> <MESSAGE>" and send it to 33310.
    Example using our DEMO A/C: "SMS DEMO This is a test message I would like to send you"
  2. The message will then be received by the respective Malaysian Telco and forwarded to our upstream provider and delivered to
  3. Once the message is received by our servers, it will be checked against our list of User Accounts and sent for final delivery.
  4. If messages are successfully delivered to the User Account within, it will be sent to the User's Inbox Folder.
  5. There after, the sender of the message will receive a return acknowledgement to inform them of Successful or Failed delivery

Summary Terms and Conditions:
  • By default, there will be a one-time off service charge of RM0.30(excl. SST)/msg + Telco Charges* per inbound IOD SMS. Charges will be applied to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid account. Additional network service provider charges might apply.
  • Powered by Macro Kiosk Berhad. For assistance, call the helpline at 03-21643273, 9am-6:30pm, Mon–Fri.
  • Please note that the request service is currently only available to Malaysian Telcos: Maxis, DiGi, Celcom and U-Mobile users only. For International clients, please kindly Contact Us directly.

What configurations or features does the service have?

  1. Return Acknowledgement mesages sent to the mobile user at step no. 5 (as per above) can be customised. The following messages will be sent back depending on situation
    1. Generic Response - A generic message informing the user as to whether the message has failed or was sent successfully
    2. Customisable Response - A customisable response can be sent to the user for all successfully received messages. This may be configured in two ways:
      • Via Web Portal - A fixed message can be set in the portal. This option does not require any programming.
      • Via API Return - A variable message can be sent upon successfully pushing of messages to your API application. Your application can process the inbound message and provide the corresponding response

  2. All inbound messages can be set to be delivered/forwarded to any of the following locations collectively or individually
    1. Mobile Phone - Sent as a simple SMS to a pre-determined mobile number
    2. Email Address - Sent as a simple Email Message to a pre-determined email address
    3. URL Application - Sent as variables to a URL for further processing of inbound messages or requests with dynamic response

  3. Charges* - Different Charging options available depending on your requirements.
    1. Option 1 - Mobile Sender Pays All
      Mobile Sender pays RM0.30(excl. SST)/msg + Telco Charges.
    2. Option 2 - Shared Charging
      Mobile sender pays no premium (i.e. RM0.00) but just pays for Telco charges and 3 credits will be deducted from your account.
  4. Note: By default, Option 1 (Mobile User Pays All) is the default setting for all accounts. This is to ensure credits are not simply deducted from user accounts without their approval. This will also avoid users from being spammed & charged unnecesarily.

  5. Ability to create campaigns via sub-keywords
    There is an option to create campaign sub-keywords within your account for different campaigns that you wish to run. All campaigns can perform any of the above (Forwarding & Charging) options separately as different campaigns can have different settings and also different action & responses.

    For example, if you create a campaign with the keyword "INFO", mobile users can then send you messages to the campaign via the following syntax "SMS <USERID> INFO <MESSAGE>"

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